wp-1483550842233.jpgHere you will find links to all of my favorite knitting techniques. I like having them all in one place so I don’t have to comb back through my Ravelry project pages or old patterns looking for a technique that I used.



M1R, M1L looped increases (TechKnitter)

STYK decrease (TechKnitter)



German twisted cast-on

Tubular cast-on (Romi Hill via Knitty) – follow instructions for set-up and first three rounds

Miraculous elastic bind-off (SlipSlipKnit)

Invisible sewn bind-off (GoldenAppleThreads)


Miscellaneous Techniques:

Swatching in the round (TechKnitter)

Tighter under-arm sts (TechKnitter)

Jogless stripes (TechKnitter)